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By Land

Driving is a good option for taking in the Cape Cod scenery. Avoid peak travel times on Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings. See below for parking and unloading information.


Parking can be difficult in Provincetown during the Summer, so we urge you to plan ahead. Lotus is located right in the center of town, so we cannot offer parking. However, Commercial Street parking is free from November 1st - March 31st. MacMillian Pier, about a 2 minute walk, is free from November 1st - April 30th.

By Sea

Ferries regularly run from Boston during mid and peak seasons. The trip is only about 90 minutes. Sit back, have a drink and enjoy the oceanview while you start your vacation.

By Air

For the jetsetters, Provincetown has a full service airport where you can quickly land, grab a car service and head straight to us for check-in before settling into brunch at a seaside restaurant.

Unloading Your Car

Riley's at 134 Bradford, and MacMillian Pier, both less than a 2 minute walk, have daily parking from May 1st - October 31st. The Pilgrim Monument Museum offers a less expensive option, and is about a 7 minute walk from us. Click here for other daily parking options.

You may park on Commercial Street in front of our building for 10 minutes to unload your car by putting this card on your dashboard.

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